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  • The first-quarter earnings season is shaping up to be one of the most hotly anticipated in recent memory as the market seeks a bright spot amid multiple headwinds.
  • While some investors may be focused on bottom-line profits, Goldman Sachs is more interested in stocks generating high sales growth, and it has identified 13 S&P 500 companies that fit the bill.

The coming first-quarter earnings season is one of the most hyped in recent memory.

It’s supposed to offer a pick-me-up for a market that has navigated one obstacle after the next — whether fears of a global trade war, regulatory scrutiny in tech, or President Donald Trump’s recent Russia-centric tweetstorm.

Goldman Sachs has some thoughts on the matter, saying recently that traders should focus on top-line sales growth rather than on profit numbers. With tax cuts expected to give corporate profits a hyper-boost, it will be more difficult to identify which companies are excelling on a fundamental level, the firm argued.

So with a focus on sales, which companies stand apart? After all, Goldman forecasts that revenue for the entire S&P 500 grew 10% in the first quarter, its fastest pace since 2011.

Luckily, the firm has made things easy by updating its 50-company basket of stocks expected to grow sales the most in 2018. Goldman calculates that its index, spanning 10 of the benchmark’s 11 major industries, will grow revenue by 16% this year, compared with 6% for the median S&P 500 company.

Without further ado, here are 13 stocks Goldman says will offer the best sales growth this year:

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14. Alphabet

Ticker: GOOGL

Industry: Information technology

Market cap: $ 621 billion

2018 expected sales growth: 21%

13. Red Hat

Ticker: RHT

Industry: Information technology

Market cap: $ 27 billion

2018 expected sales growth: 21%

11. Adobe Systems

Ticker: ADBE

Industry: Information technology

Market cap: $ 110 billion

2018 expected sales growth: 23%

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